►MIneCraft Mod: BeeKeeping – Nandonalt’s Mods

►Featured on Nandonalt’s Forum Topic! Please Rate Comment and Subscribe: Links: ►MineCraft: www.MineCraft.net ►MineCraft Forum Topic: www.minecraftforum.net ►My Channel: www.YouTUbe.com ►Mod Loader: www.minecraftforum.net ►►This Mod Requires the Latest Version of Mod Loader Please Comment or PM me on what I should do a video over next. ►About the Mod◄ ►Flowers around [as if] bees were pollinating them ►Candle on top of the beehive box was for lighting/decoration ►Grubs go in Incubator ►Wax and Honey Combs go into the Comb Compressor ►Honey can be stacked up to 16 ►Wax can be stored in a wax block [Made like ores] but cannot be broken for the drops ►All recipes can be found on the Forum Topic [Link Above] ►While breaking a Beehive there is a chance bees will come out. THEY CAN HURT YOU don’t walk into the bees.

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22 Responses to ►MIneCraft Mod: BeeKeeping – Nandonalt’s Mods

  1. minecraft135 says:


  2. ImKyFy says:

    @minecraft135 did u get the beekeeping mod?

  3. TheTrippleD3 says:

    Omg if u can record a screen u can record ur voice

  4. ImKyFy says:

    @TheTrippleD3 no mic on my PC.

  5. HitmanReborn9999 says:

    Make a lets play and make a mod installation tutorial plz

  6. ImKyFy says:

    @HitmanReborn9999 umm… Ok for the Mod Loader. But how would a Let’s Play be with out audo? i dont have a mic for my computer.

  7. HitmanReborn9999 says:

    @ImKyFy buy 1 then

  8. ImKyFy says:

    @HitmanReborn9999 with my recorder i have borrowed my friends mic and it takes up to a whole day to render the audio from minecraft and my voice and i cant leave my pc on that long

  9. Misterspork57 says:

    … at least put annotations of what you are doing if you are doing a mod showcase.

  10. ImKyFy says:

    @Misterspork57 it was my first video i did better on my second one and i did put annotations

  11. Misterspork57 says:

    @ImKyFy Thank you. I watched it, and I liked it. Subscribed.

  12. ImKyFy says:

    @Misterspork57 Thank you it helps alot! (Gives MistersPork57 a cookie =] )

  13. reaper45693 says:

    hey, just wondering how did you get the candles intop of the beehives?
    also great vid :)

  14. ImKyFy says:

    @reaper45693 take off your beekeepers helmet and right click with a candle in ur hand.

  15. reaper45693 says:

    @ImKyFy alright, thanks :)

  16. ImKyFy says:

    @reaper45693 anytime.

  17. sycoforbidden says:

    By the way, you can make blocks with Waxcombs or Honeycombs. Recipes: 9 Waxcombs -> Wax Block ; 9 Honeycombs -> Honey Block ; 9 Pressed Wax -> Pressed Wax Block ; 9 Honey Drops -> Honey Jar ; 1 Pressed Wax (bottom) + 1 String (top) -> 1 Candle ; 1 Iron Lingot + 4 Candles (making a cross) -> 1 Iron Chandelier ; 1 Gold Lingot + 4 Candles (making a cross) -> 1 Gold Chandelier ; 1 Cooked Porkchop (bottom) + 1 Honey Drop (top) -> 1 Honeypork. If I forgot something, please let me know :D

  18. ImKyFy says:

    @sycoforbidden thx for teh help sycoforbidden

  19. RokuNoRaiden says:

    How’d you get so many views?.

  20. ImKyFy says:

    @RokuNoRaiden Nandonalt featured my video on his forum topic

  21. RokuNoRaiden says:

    @ImKyFy o_O Nanodonalt is an awesome guy then xD.

  22. ImKyFy says:

    @RokuNoRaiden ya damn right

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