There are many reasons people decide to start raising bees. Some just want to do something that gets them outside. Some always love nature and want to be closer, raising bees gets you up close with nature! Some want to push the limits and see what beekeeping is all about, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the roof of an apartment building or have 2 acres in the country. Both places work fine for Home Beekeeping.

My journey into Home Beekeeping started with my first taste of some local honey. It tasted so good…..I never tasted anything like it. After doing some research I found out that honey would taste different from bees raised in areas of different flowers. The taste difference was startling!

I’ve been ill for a long time and one of the natural healing substances is fresh honey and the royal jelly from the hive. Purchasing from the store can be quite expensive. So I decided that I love nature and these insects with stingers could be controlled since bees have been cultivated for centuries. I wanted to get better by and I decided to do some home beekeeping.

I have to admit. At first I was afraid of bees and the thought of home beekeeping scared the pants off of me. I did research, visited some bee farms, had some friends who had hives…. all to learn as much as I could. I purchased books, equipement….I made equipment and tools. I absorbed everything I could.

“The Home Beekeeping Guide” is a guide that you can use to start your own backyard beekeeping. Its a result of my experiences. Important facts I’ve learned. I designed it so anyone with an interest in doing something with home beekeeping can catch a peek into what it all entails.

Home Beekeeping

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I’ve owned large companies. I owned some small businesses. I worked as a contractor/carpenter. My best times are ones that I get to spend some time outside. Beekeeping has been one of the most relaxing projects I’ve attempted. Learning about the process has been just as enjoyable. If you have some young children, learning about bees is a fascination field of study and your children will learn more about their surrounds and these beautiful little creates….perfect for homeschoolers.

If you are undecided about purchasing¬† “The Home Beekeeping Guide” then make sure you sign up for the 10 day ecourse about Backyard Beekeeping. Its a free course and it just might give you enough information to create a desire for more information and maybe even help you to decide to bite the bullet and get started with your own Beehive!

Click the book image for information on the Free Beekeeping Course.

Make sure you read some of the articles in the Blog, just click on that link and you’ll find all kinds of good information related to setting up a Backyard Beekeeping or Home Beekeeping.

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