BEEKEEPING: Field Trip #3 Part 4. Processing the Wax.

I’m demonstrating how I process the wax. The third block had no cracks which was poured during the day. Must have been the cold night air that made the first two blocks crack.

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13 Responses to BEEKEEPING: Field Trip #3 Part 4. Processing the Wax.

  1. colliecandle says:

    Im not an envious person, but after seeing all that beautiful wax I must admit the little green eyed devil is making itself known! I make candles, and one of the best candle making waxes is beeswax, but you will already know this……Do you sell yours or use it for yourselves? If you sold it, I’d seriously be tempted to buy some but I expect the customs thieves would make it prohibitively expensive to import here. Anyways, great video………….keep ‘em coming !

  2. cookingwithnancy says:

    Very good up-load Jeff! Thanks very much!

  3. knikula says:

    thanks for sharing the process…I’d have to make some mead if I was surrounded by that much honey…

  4. selfreliantboy says:

    Wow , Interesting . Thanks for the video !

  5. mugsyjeff says:

    @selfreliantboy Thank YOU Tubby, i hope all is well over there. cheers

  6. mugsyjeff says:

    @knikula Yes, thanks for that, i might give it a go one day.

  7. mugsyjeff says:

    @cookingwithnancy Thank you Nancy, i hope all’s well with you, it’s my pleasure, the best part is hearing from people like you, take care. regards jeff

  8. mugsyjeff says:

    @colliecandle Thank you for that cc, i do sell the wax plus i swap it for the wax foundation i use on the bee frames. For every kilo i give the bloke, i get 1/2 a kilo of foundation back & no money changes hands, so i’m happy with that. I sell it for 6$ a kilo plus gst. I think you’d be right about the customs.Anyway, thanks again, i’ll catch ya later, bye

  9. baconsoda says:

    I loved this! New camera? Picture quality and sound is excellent.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  10. TheVittleVlog says:

    Very interesting…thanks for sharing!!

  11. mugsyjeff says:

    @TheVittleVlog Thank you for that Rick, i hope all’s well with you, take care, cheers

  12. kvalle1 says:

    nice video…jeff. My husband loves honey (I can’t have it because of diabetes). Very interesting video! :)

  13. mugsyjeff says:

    @kvalle1 Thank you Karen, that’s a shame, that honey’s just about run out, so i have to robb again, i know that hive i spoke about should be chock-a-block. Even though we’re in the grips of winter here, my bees should be still collecting heaps of honey. All the gum trees are heavily in flower. I’m torn between robbing the bees tomorrow or going fishing. I’ll have to sleep on it. anyway i’ll catch ya later, bye

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