Brooklyn’s Illegal Urban Beekeepers: Breaking the Law for the Planet – food.curated.

On this episode of food.curated., Liza meets a group of friends who think sometimes laws are meant to be broken. This passionate crew of illegal urban beekeepers in Brooklyn, New York work on their very first honey harvest for their restaurants. Find out why raising bees on NYC rooftops is important for Mother Earth, and be inspired to get into the illegal “bees”ness of urban beekeeping in your own backyard or rooftop. Six hours later, the first drop emerges… Follow the eccentric crew of Brooklyn beekeepers for their very first illegal honey harvest for their restaurants. See how the entire process takes place over a few laughs and a little help from friends — from stealing honey from the hive to collecting every last sticky drop. After this, you’ll definitely want an illegal hive of your own. food.curated. Food passion. Captured. A inspiring, quirky, colorful and personality driven food video documentary series filmed and edited solo by 3-time James Beard Nominated storyteller Liza de Guia – dedicated to sharing the amazing personal stories behind good food. Food. Curated. is an intimate series that’ll bring you on-board fishing boats and onto farmland, take you inside artisan kitchens and butcher shops, to find out for yourself all the secrets and stories that drive people to feed you well. Enjoy. All good food has a story. I tell it. On video. ****************************************************************************** RESERVE CHANNEL Reserve

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One Response to Brooklyn’s Illegal Urban Beekeepers: Breaking the Law for the Planet – food.curated.

  1. ImJayPee says:

    Great video guys!! I’m loving the channel. Keep it up!

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