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Tips for Successful Urban Beekeeping and City Beekeeping

Urban beekeeping or city beekeeping is actually more popular than anyone would ever imagine. Perceived dangers by the neighbors are your major problems and a proactive approach is often the easiest. Since legal problems with bees most often occur in … Continue reading

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How to Start Home Beekeeping

B a c k y a r d B e e k e e p i n g How to Start Beekeeping Though planning should occur in the fall, spring is the ideal time to actually begin to keep bees. … Continue reading

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Beekeeping Terms

apiary A place where bees are kept, a bee yard. apiarist A person who raises and maintains bees, for their honey, pollen, or pollination services. apiculture The raising and care of bees for commercial or agricultural purposes. beekeeper An apiarist. … Continue reading

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