Essex County Beekeepers’ Association – Checking the Hive

Join David Meldrum of the Essex County Beekeeper’s Association, Topsfield, MA as he checks one of his hives. The bees swarmed recently and now doesn’t seem to be doing well. “Hammock Fight” written and performed by Kevin MacLeod, . Produced, Photographed and Edited by Soso R. Whaley, Moaning Dog Productions.

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23 Responses to Essex County Beekeepers’ Association – Checking the Hive

  1. fuzuner says:

    how much honey do you expect from the other, stronger beehive?do you have any idea about the average in MA?

  2. wb1h says:

    I got 56 lbs on July 3rd from the srong hive. I should get another 60 lbs in September. I would expect an average of about 70 lbs / year

  3. kleinmattahorn says:

    Great Video. So, what did you decide on the state of the hive? Did you find the queen?
    Did the hive start to produce again?
    I am a new BeeKeeper

  4. wb1h says:

    I did not need to see the queen because I found eggs and new brood, which is proof the queen was there. The hive became very strong after this. Apparently the hive had swarmed and took a several weeks for the new queen to mate and start laying.

  5. NarakusDemon89 says:


    I wouldn’t come within a mile of that thing without gloves ._. beehives are scary!!

  6. gilanar says:

    Hi, does anybody knows from where I can find more instructional videos about beekeeping?
    Thank you.

  7. ScarPredatorAVP says:

    I enjoyed that.

  8. feedthefishy says:

    Essex ftw

  9. bobarf says:

    Τry not wearing gloves on our hives in Psara, Greece!!!

  10. ludwigdruming says:

    first of all why in the world is your hive 4 feet off the ground. all you need is a brew chamber and 2 supers. thats why your colony looks so small because there spread out over a bigger area. unless your trying to keep them from swarming

  11. baukiki says:

    is that africanized honey bee?

  12. wb1h says:

    No. Africanized bees normally can’t survive our northern winters. Also the bees are very calm and easy to work. These are European (Italian) bees.

  13. wb1h says:

    The hive stand is only a few inches off of the ground. In this part of the country beekeepers usually run two brood chambers and then honey supers on top of that. That is what you see in this video. It is the classical arrangement for New England. I would expect a strong colony in June to fill the bottom two brood chambers and still have plenty of bees to work the honey supers.

  14. benno89er says:

    maybe it didnt supersede are you sure it wasnt a drone layer??

  15. benno89er says:

    ok 2 things oculd be happening 1. your new queen is still a virgin (hasnt mated yet) or you have a drone layer or 2. the hive is queenless and i didnt see you check for eggs the sealed brood is obviously from the old queen and i am pretty disappointed in your manipulating pull the hive apart have a look!!!! you will find out more looking than thinking jeees

  16. ChrisEWC says:

    I wonder if you are hurting the hive by having two supers on it while your upper deep is not filled. You might be creating a moisture or heating/cooling issue which could be making the hive listless.

  17. wb1h says:

    We did see larva. The camera zoomed in on them at one point. In the end this hive did quite well. The problem was that it had swarmed and the new queen was now laying, but non of the new brood had hatched yet.

  18. wb1h says:

    There is no problem putting supers on in early summer. Give them plenty of room.

  19. fotohogger says:

    I do knot know how to winterize hives. Do you have any suggestuion?

  20. rusticranchfarms says:

    answer to CCD…. Please forward…I will be uploading a video showing the actual fiber attacking a live bee later today!

  21. jfrederick71 says:

    Your videos are very educational… I watch them multiple times! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skill!

  22. soso5555 says:


    thank you… hoping to add a piece on winterizing the hive soon…

  23. soso5555 says:


    hoping to add a video on winterizing hives soon…

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