If I raise a beehive how far should it be from my house?

please answer thanks and hope someone has experience with beekeeping!!!

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One Response to If I raise a beehive how far should it be from my house?

  1. Steve H says:

    I am not a bee keeper, but my neighbor has a couple of hives so I called him. I am not sure how much help his answer will be, but here it is anyway: As close as you feel comfortable with. He said that as long as you don’t have kids or pets who will be messing with the hive, you can put it within a couple of feet of the house, although he didn’t suggest it.

    His are a couple of hundred feet behind his house, and that keeps the bees safely away from the house and guests that aren’t familiar with bees, but close enough that checking the hives doesn’t require a marathon hike.

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