Is beekeeping expensive?

How much is it to start yourself out with a colony, and how expensive is it to maintain?
This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I have no idea how to go about it.
Quantitative answers would be nice :)

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3 Responses to Is beekeeping expensive?

  1. ROBERT S says:

    Find a local bee association and they can help you get started. You will need Hive bottom boards and hive covers, some boxes that are called brood chambers and on top of that smaller boxes that are called supers. Inside the boxes are frames that contain wax foundation. Then goes in the Queen and about 2 pound of bees. Some safety equipment such as a vail and gloves.
    Cost can be up to $200 to start.
    Google bee associations in you state or country. It is a very interesting hobby. Good luck.

  2. Chuck P says:

    Bees are pretty self sufficient so once you get the boxes and colony started it goes pretty smoothly. You will have to take the honey out and bottle it so there will be that expense.

  3. kare34235 says:

    i’m guessing it may be by now…last year i heard some news that cell phones (because of the microwaves) were killing honeybees..hmm

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