Minecraft Forestry Beekeeping / Apiculture Tutorial (Start-up) – Reuploaded

Please rate, comment and subscribe! It’s all free and it helps a lot. A small tutorial on the beekeeping aspect of the Forestry mod in Minecraft. The initial big picture is something like this: forest + meadows = common common + (forest or meadows) = cultivated common + cultivated = (noble or diligent) in rare occasions: cultivated + forest = noble cultivated + meadows = diligent For a full list of all my installed mods and how to install them follow this link: damnedsky.blogspot.com DFTBA!!!

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7 Responses to Minecraft Forestry Beekeeping / Apiculture Tutorial (Start-up) – Reuploaded

  1. HaloStrategist says:

    I have this mod installed, as well as a few others and NEI. Everything seems to work in the mod for me except one thing. The beehives aren’t anywhere to be found. Am I doing something wrong? Or are they just SUPER rare. I’ve gone 1,000′s of blocks searching for them.

  2. damnedsky says:

    @HaloStrategist it is possible that some other mod interferes with the terrain generation … for example Millenaire basically denies the RedPower volcanoes of being generated and makes them very rare. On the other side it might be the forestry version you have. Do the beehives show up in NEI?

  3. HaloStrategist says:

    @damnedsky yes they do show up in NEI. I have decided to go ahead and spawn both types of beehives. I placed them on the ground, used a scoop, and I recieved the queens as expected. I also went ahead and started beekeeping. Everything seems to work except the hives generating. If you have heard of a youtuber by the handle of direwolf20 he uses these mods and has an install video. I did everything the same and I’m using his config files so I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

  4. karam1124 says:

    @HaloStrategist maybe you need to start a new world for them to generate, just like ores and other things related to terrain generation.

  5. damnedsky says:

    @karam1124 @HaloStrategist I’m sure he started a new map after installing the mod but it is a good idea… you could start a few test worlds and explore a little bit around just to make sure it generates properly. It happened to me also when i first started using forestry… I think it was because I was very close to a snow biome… even now I have difficulties finding the forest hives

  6. HaloStrategist says:

    @damnedsky I did. I did… and they didn’t generate once again. Also, there seems to be something wrong with zeldo’s additional pipes for Bc, which is another mod I have. When I try to use them it crashes my world.

  7. damnedsky says:

    @HaloStrategist well you lost me there. I don’t know if it will help but you could read my installation guide (I’ve put a link in the description of this video). Back-up everything and reinstall all your mods… that always works for me when nothing else does

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