Naked Beekeeper.dv

A Brooklyn Beekeeper demonstrates, and practices ‘safe’ beekeeping! Check out the mite on the bee!

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6 Responses to Naked Beekeeper.dv

  1. marti2ax says:

    Ahhh…. Mike, this prooves that we’re related.

  2. ipwned35 says:

    mike nice video its me saeed mohammed hope this video gets more views and subsrcribers
    everyone saw this video they liked it.i think this video will get more veiws “naturelly”

  3. bzzybeez says:

    Making honey with a SUGAR FEEDER in the entrance? Disgustingly Fraudulent
    Calling removal of 2 frames from the topmost honey super an “inspection” Pitiful.
    Displaying a chest that scrawny for all to see? Laughable.

  4. BrooklynBeeTzar says:

    Ah Bzzybeez, it’s always nice when I can teach an ‘experienced’ beekeeper a little something that will save bees lives!
    The front enterance feeder was on to give the bees incredibly valuable WATER during the heat wave, easing the stress on the bees. Which you would have heard me talk about if you wern’t so busy typing half sentences with one hand, while your other hand was scrolling down, and double clicking, your little mouse, while you were staring at my chest!

  5. BrooklynBeeTzar says:

    If you haven’t before seen a varroa mite on a bee, you can see one during the close-up of the bee on my finger! It’s the little burgundy dot tucked in the fold of her abdomen.

  6. BrooklynBeeTzar says:

    To get in contact with the BBC, email ‘’

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