Ross Conrad discusses Natural Beekeeping

Ros Conrad is the author of Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture. The various chemicals used in beekeeping have, for the past decades, held Varroa Destructor, a mite, and other major pests at bay, but chemical resistance is building and evolution threatens to overtake the best that laboratory chemists have to offer. In fact, there is evidence that chemical treatments are making the problem worse. Natural Beekeeping flips the script on traditional approaches by proposing a program of selective breeding and natural hive management. Conrad brings together the best organic and natural approaches to keeping honeybees healthy and productive. Readers will learn about nontoxic methods of controlling mites, eliminating American foulbrood disease (without the use of antibiotics), breeding strategies, and many other tips and techniques for maintaining healthy hives. Specific concepts and detailed management techniques are covered in a matter-of-fact, easy-to-implement way. Natural Beekeeping describes opportunities for the seasoned professional to modify existing operations, increase profits, and eliminate the use of chemical treatments. Beginners will need no other book to guide them. Whether you are an experienced apiculturist looking for ideas to develop an integrated pest management approach or someone who wants to sell honey at a premium price, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

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11 Responses to Ross Conrad discusses Natural Beekeeping

  1. fotohogger says:

    Great attitude, great video. I to wish to keep honeybees as naturally as possible. Thank you for sharing this. Currently keeping 6 hives in city and 4 in rural area.

  2. kuragxo says:

    Thanks. After reading Conrad’s book last year I finally took up beekeeping

  3. kuragxo says:

    Thanks for placing this online. Through conrad’s book, I started keeping bees this year.

  4. menderfire9 says:

    You said it when you said, “Not treating them as a cog in a machine.” That way we are in tune with where they are at, what they need or don’t need. Like being in tune with our own bodies. We are all one with everything. Thanks for this video. I want to start keeping feral bees and do it the natural way. I will look for your book .

  5. Netsumer says:

    Thank you !

    The best four minutes I have ever heard concerning Bee’s. The care and concern is paramount.


  6. jojaalbe says:

    I also thank you! Your video realigned my paradigm as I start keeping bees again this Spring at my cabin in NW WI, after 10 years away from the hobby.

  7. LaCelestia says:

    Mr. Ross Conrad is so handsome!

  8. sunnykintyre says:

    I like the way you see the bee, what do you think of the top bar hive? do you think it would be less stressfull.

  9. MzProgressive says:

    Good for you for feeding your bees honey!
    Have you investigated the idea that introducing “small cell” frames are more “organic” for bees as well? I’ve heard the commercial wax “frames” are too big and tend to make bigger bees that have less resistance to problems. Any comment?

  10. 72DBRONCO says:

    I will buy that book. I have an interest in keeping bees in the future, and you better bet I’m gonna do it the right way. Thank you for posting the video!

  11. Mrmizilplix says:

    Thank you Ross for yor video’s and the book!
    I think it’s one of the best books out. Tons of great info.

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